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The Quebec chapter of the John Howard Society has been advocating for more effective, just and humane responses to the causes and consequences since 1947. Read more in the "About Us" section.


The Society offers a wide range of services on various issues related to encounters with the criminal justice system. For more information, see our "Services" section.

Emergency Accommodation

The SHJQ is currently setting up an accommodation support service for offenders who have been in trouble with the law in the past or who have been imprisoned and whose release is imminent.


The John Howard Society of Quebec is a provincial not-for-profit, charitable organization committed to providing a broad range of community services throughout the province of Quebec that address the problem of crime and its consequences.

The Society is part of a wider national network of provincial and territorial Societies whose collective goal is to understand and respond to problems of crime and the criminal justice system. The Societies are fiscally responsible for the continuance of the work and service of the National Office.



Signing a legal document

The Globe and Mail: "Federal government appealing B.C. Supreme Court decision on solitary confinement"

Ottawa will appeal a recent B.C. Supreme Court decision striking down some of its current solitary-confinement rules as unconstitutional, despite requests by two civil-liberties groups asking the federal government to work outside the courts to form more stringent limits on the practice.

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Supreme Court of British Columbia

BCCLA: "We won! BC Supreme Court ends indefinite solitary confinement in federal prisons across Canada".

On January 17, 2018, the B.C. Supreme Court issued its decision in BCCLA and JHSC v. Attorney General of Canada, 2018 BCSC 62. The Court declared that the sections of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (“CCRA”) that allow for indefinite solitary confinement (referred to as “administrative segregation” in the legislation) are of no force or effect.

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