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Support service for emergency accommodation in the community

Chez Nous ! Service Description

Following the COVID-19 health crisis, the John Howard Society of Quebec (SJHQ) was called upon by several actors in the field and by people directly concerned by the emergency accommodation for people who have been in conflict with the law. The SHJQ notes that a stay in detention creates, for a large number of people, situations of homelessness and precariousness.

The SHJQ offers an accommodation support service for offenders (who have been in trouble with the law in the past or who have been imprisoned and whose release is imminent). The service is therefore aimed at female and male offenders who are in a situation of great vulnerability and who do not benefit from good financial resources, an adequate social network and a decent and safe dwelling.

Referral of a person

The person who will directly benefit from the services can make the service request or by a worker from another community resource.

For people in prison or in halfway houses, SJHQ workers will identify potential volunteers with the help of probation officers, parole officers and halfway house workers. An in-person meeting or a meeting through videoconference can be scheduled as quickly as possible, in order to assess the possibility that the person integrates the services of the SJHQ.

Support provided by volunteers

The service workers will follow up with the volunteers at several levels:

  • Support in finding stable accommodation or referrals to organizations that can offer accommodation that meets the needs of volunteers;
  • Support in finding employment or work training;
  • Setting up a budget to promote financial accountability;
  • Weekly follow-up or as needed by volunteers.

The SHJQ offers an accommodation support service for offenders who have been in trouble with the law in the past or who have been imprisoned and whose release is imminent.

Admission criteria for the service

  • Male, female, intersex person, trans person or any person regardless of their gender identity and / or sexual identity;
  • Be aged 18 and over (special attention will be made to people aged 50 and over);
  • Be prepared to undertake a process related to housing;
  • Respect the rules and policy of the service;
  • Respect the rules and policies of the accommodation environment;
  • Be independent;
  • Demonstrate its ability to live in an environment without drug and/or alcohol consumption;
  • Respect the zero tolerance policy for all types of violence;
  • Get involved in a pro-active social reintegration process.

Services For Seniors (Inmates Or Recently Released)

We are in the process of developing a program that will assist elderly inmates and recently released prisoners in their successful rehabilitation.

Contact information


Director of the John Howard Society of Quebec

Samira Figuigui, Executive Director

(438) 300-5511, poste 222

Support service for housing accommodation



Camila Sanchez Lancheros, Services Coordinator

(438) 300-5511 # 101



Louis-David Bourque

Coordinator housing – Chez Nous !

(438) 300-5511 # 223



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