John Howard Society of Québec


Mission Statement


Effective, just and humane responses to the causes and consequences of crime.

Statement of Principle

The members of the John Howard Society of Quebec believe that providing crime prevention programs and services, particularly to youth; as well as reintegration support and counselling to adult ex-offenders, those coming out of both federal and provincial institutions, is an essential component in building safe communities, and productive individuals within those communities.


In furtherance of its Mission, the Society:

  • Develops and delivers preventative educational and support services to at-risk youth in  our schools and communities;
  • Develops and delivers programs which assist adult ex-offenders in their positive socio-economic reintegration into society, and specifically into their communities and families;
  • Works cooperatively with existing community agencies to develop and deliver such programs;
  • Reviews, evaluates and advocates for changes in the criminal justice process;
  • Engages in public education on matters relating to crime and its effect on our communities.